Journal with Pen and Tulips

Yoga in the Snow

20 degrees in Oklahoma and several inches of snow.  This is unheard of for us.  We’re not quite sure how to handle this!  High winter drama for an Oklahoman. None of us here in the Southern states are really ever ready for the genuinely cold weather.  We don’t have the right clothes.  In fact, quite [...]


I’ve come home to mountain pose, so often the place where I begin a practice and where I end it too. Standing here, straight and still, my feet planted solidly on the ground, my back erect, my eyes closed, I feel happy. How wise that standing here rooted in the earth as we are in [...]

Tree Pose

It is exquisite to lie outside on my little patio at night. Covered with a light blanket, I stare up through the trees to the stars. Don’t get me wrong. This is NOT camping – this is a “city girl” experience of nature. But there is a beauty in it all the same. Even, dare [...]

Hips of Joy

Slowly, over time, my hips have somehow frozen up. Not that they’ve ever been especially equal. My left side has always been stronger than the right. In yoga, it was always the left side that felt better aligned and more flexible. I often let the left guide me in my movements. The right always did [...]