On a recent Friday night, I had a terrifying dream. One of those dreams that’s hard to shake. Where even though you know it’s only a dream, that none of it actually happened, still the emotion of it is so strong that you have trouble releasing it. These dreams are like a fog you’re lost in until you can scramble out of bed to move around or drink a cup of coffee or step outside for a moment to clear the cloud.


My Worst Nightmare

It was simple and it went like this. I saw into my near future. Every single member of my family was dead. Not one person left. I was utterly alone and terrified by the absolute certainty that I had years and years of life ahead of me. That’s it. I woke up feeling unbelievable despair! Such sadness! I dragged myself out of bed and into the kitchen, staring blankly ahead under the weight of this bad dream. Finally, I made myself dress and stumbled off to one of my favorite Saturday morning yoga classes.


The Universe Offers a Gift

Sometime before this unhappy morning, our instructor and I had been talking about the music of Luna Kristin Ray, a wonderful Kirtan singer and my niece. (www.lunaraymusic.com) I had introduced her to Luna’s beautiful voice and her most recent recording, SHINING THROUGH. On this Saturday morning, unbeknownst to me, she had decided to play the entire CD of Luna’s most recent album in class. And so, for a full hour, I was surrounded by the voice of a family member! It didn’t click right away what a fantastic and personal gift the universe was offering me through my instructor. (To say nothing of course, about the gift that Luna and her fellow musicians were offering the world!) But there it was. A direct response to my ugly dream. A gentle soothing by my own family. A simple remedy for the heavy weight of my dream’s loneliness.

When it hit me, I couldn’t help but laugh a little. It was as if Luna’s music and this yoga class had been specifically designed to offer me reassurance. Of course, I know that’s not true but that’s how it felt. It was such a lovely “coincidence”! With a big smile, I settled in gratefully to listen and be comforted. I wasn’t alone at all. Not even a little. We never are.