For many of us the world of money tends to inspire nothing more than fear and uncertainty.  In THE VALUE OF MONEY, veteran financial advisor Susan McCarthy draws on twenty-five years of experience counseling people about their money to provide readers with the tools they need to build a stronger, more secure financial picture even as they achieve greater self-understanding.

Presenting the key “money types” she has observed in her work, McCarthy guides readers to discover what type (or combination of types) they are and how each tends to respond to life’s most challenging financial events – taking financial responsibility for the care of a child or an elderly parent; the death of a spouse; retirement – and teaches them how to turn around any self-defeating responses to such events.

In this unique guide to personal finance, McCarthy reveals that while emotions can make financial decisions difficult, a keener understanding of our emotional relationship to money can lead not just to greater wealth and financial security but also to amazing personal growth.  Says McCarthy: “The world of money is a world of emotion, a stage on which we play out all of our dramas.  The lessons money has to teach us go well beyond the financial.  They reach deep into our emotional and even our spiritual lives.  Money is one of our greatest teachers.”

THE VALUE OF MONEY outlines a path to a richer future, both financially and spiritually.





From investment management to spiritual depths?  Seems like crossing the great divide, but Susan McCarthy takes us on that journey with intrigue and finesse.  Her conference table becomes the stage and her clients the players.  Through their touching and dramatic stories – of self-sabotage, fear and anger, but also courage, compassion and grace – we experience the wide range of emotions that swirl about money and ultimately touch the heart of what money really has to teach.  Through it all, we watch McCarthy herself wake up to the spiritual potential hidden deep within our complex relationships to money.